Gibbosan Frescoetta of Lesall - Kisha

I'm sad to report that Kisha passed away on the 24th March 2006, with cancer, at the age of six and a half years old

A true Mastino granddaughter of Mukata De La Font De Nimes imp and Colette Del Vittoriale, Kisha had a very good showing career winning at Crufts 2001 and many more wins at Championship shows

She will be greatly missed by her kennel mates Lucy, Lou, Chocky, Ross and her companion, Xaar, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is still looking for her

Good Bye Kisha, God Bless
I hope you're happy in Rainbow Bridge, never to be a Mum, but I am sure there are plenty of puppies for you to play with like you did at home

And I hope they have plenty of Scotch Eggs which you loved and had a very clever trick with, as your close friends knew

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